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Level 11


In this level students begin to develop their expertise in solving equations involving single variables. In addition, students develop skills in decimals, percentages, decimal arithmetic, conversion of decimals to fractions, and fractions to decimals

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Sub Levels



Level 11.1

Variables, constants and roots in equations with a single variable, negative and fractional roots.

Students will build their understanding of the fundamental concepts of working with and solving equations and related problem solving skills

Level 11.2 and 11.4

Review from current and previous levels.

Continues to strengthen and reinforce the foundation of concepts learned in previous sections.

Level 11.3

Introduction to Percentage.

Students become familiar with and develop the concepts of percentage ,use ofits symbol (%), and its relationship with fractions and decimals.

Level 11.5

Advanced Decimal Arithmetic.

Students continue to build their mastery of their decimal arithmetic skills