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Level 3


In Level 3 students become familiarized with numbers up to 100, and they learn to add and subtract numbers up to 100 without the need for carrying or borrowing. Also, students are introduced to the concepts of place value systems, odd and even numbers, comparing values (greater than, less than, and equal to), as well as several problem-solving techniques. Toward the end of Level 3, students begin working with numbers up to 1000.

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Sub Levels



Level 3.1

Introduction to place value systems, big and small numbers.

In this section students will learn the basic concepts of place value systems and work with both big and small numbers.

Level 3.2

Introduction to the <, >, and = symbols, as well as "true or false" logical expressions.

Students work with several new symbols, logical expressions, and problem-solving techniques.

Level 3.3

Introduction to odd and even numbers.

This sublevel enhances student's logical thinking skills and helps them build their understanding of various properties of numbers.

Level 3.4

Review from current and previous levels.

Continues to strengthen and reinforce the foundation of concepts learned in previous sections.

Level 3.5

Two-digit addition and subtraction without carrying or borrowing.

In this sublevel students learn to add and subtract two-digit numbers up to 100.

Level 3.6

Introduction to three-digit numbers, place value.

Students develop strong foundation skills with three-digit numbers using simple addition and subtraction, big and small numbers, and place value concepts.