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Level 4


In Level-4 students learn to solve addition problems that may require carrying, as well as subtraction that may require regrouping/borrowing. Also, in this level students work with patterns of numbers, as well as doing work with the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

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Level 4.1

Inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Examples: 5 + ___ = 8 and 45 - ____ = 37.

In this level the students will work with the concept of the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction while developing speed and accuracy in manipulating numbers up to 100. Further, the students will develop skills helpful toward visualizing the ordering of numbers in a number line.

Level 4.2

Number Patterns. Examples: 5, 7, ___, 11. 48,46, ____,42, 40.

In this level students will work on exercises with number patterns to help develop strong skills in problem solving. Further, the students will gain confidence with number sense by developing skills in visualizing numbers, the patterns, and the operations as movements in mind.

Level 4.3 and 4.4

Review from current and previous levels.

Continues to strengthen and reinforce the foundation of concepts learned in previous sections.

Level 4.5

Two-digit addition and subtraction requiring carrying and borrowing skills. Regrouping fundamentals are introduced.

In this sublevel students learn to add and subtract two-digit numbers up to 100. Students will learn to carry in addition and borrow in subtraction. Students will have many opportunities to practice and master these skills.