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Level 6


In this level students increase the range of their addition and subtraction skills to using 4 and 5 digit numbers as well as expanding their place value skills. In addition, students master the properties of multiplication with advanced exercises.

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Sub Levels



Level 6.1

Addition and subtraction of large numbers.

Plenty of reinforcement exercises to help students become comfortable with addition and subtraction of very large numbers.

Level 6.2

Place value and big and small numbers and very large numbers.

This section introduces the fundamentals of place value through many exercises. In addition, children will learn about big and small numbers. Overall this helps children to become comfortable with large numbers.

Level 6.3

Review from current and previous levels.

Continues to strengthen and reinforce the foundation of concepts learned in previous sections.

Level 6.4

Multiplication of numbers up to 20.

Students continue to develop fundamentals skills of multiplication through a number of exercises.

Level 6.5

Complex arithmetical expressions with multiplication.

This helps students master concepts of arithmetic operations including multiplication in complex expressions.