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Level 7


In this level students are introduced to fundamental properties of division while continuing to increase their mastery of this level of multiplication through advanced exercises involving large numbers. Toward the end of this level, students build skills that involve combinations of several of the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Also,students are introduced to the basics of working with negative numbers.

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Level 7.1

Introduction to division.

This section helps students to develop the fundamental skills in division. It introduces the concepts of division as an inverse to multiplication.

Level 7.2

Multiplication of large numbers.

Through many exercises children further develop their multiplication skills while improving their accuracy and speed.

Level 7.3

Introduction to negative numbers.

This section introduces negative numbers beginning with problems such as 3 - 5 = ?.

Level 7.4

Geometric patterns - patterns involving multiplication of terms.

Students develop advanced problem solving skills and strengthen their multiplication.