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Level 8


In Level 8 students begin to develop basic concepts of algebraic expressions while learning to evaluate these expressions through several exercises. Also, students will develop logical and problem solving skills with odd and even numbers and arithmetical expressions involving them. Furthermore, students will learn about fractions and develop speed and accuracy with complex division problems.

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Sub Levels



Level 8.1

Evaluation of intermediate level algebraic expressions.

Students will evaluate variables in algebraic expressions.

Level 8.2

Introduction to Logic 1.

Students will continue to develop their skills with more complex expressions using odd and even numbers. This work also helps students in developing logic and problem solving skills.

Level 8.3

Review from current and previous levels.

Continues to strengthen and reinforce the foundation of concepts learned in previous sections.

Level 8.4

Introduction to fractions.

In this section students will learn about common fractions, different types of fractions, reciprocals of fractions and conversions from one form of fraction to another.

Level 8.5

Complex division with quotient and remainders.

Through many exercises, students continue to build mastery of division skills. This work will help students to relate these skills to division of fractions with different denominators. Furthermore, this section will help continue to build accuracy and speed in division as well as basic fraction skills.