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Level 9


In this level students are introduced to operations of fractions, factors, prime numbers, composite numbers, and Greatest Common Factors (GCF) and Least/lowest Common Multiples (LCM) of two and more numbers. Students will also develop all of these skills in the context of problem solving. Decimals are also introduced at this level.

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Sub Levels



Level 9.1

Introduction to operations with fractions.

In this section the student will begin to develop skills in using fractions with the 4 basic operations.

Level 9.2

Introduction to factors, prime numbers and composite numbers.

Children will develop strong foundational skills in number theory that are required for higher mathematics.

Level 9.3

Review from current and previous levels.

Continues to strengthen and reinforce the foundation of concepts learned in previous sections.

Level 9.4

Introduction to LCM and GCF.

Students become familiarized with GCFs and LCMs through several exercises. These skills will also help the students in more advanced fractions work.

Level 9.5

Introductions to decimals.

In this section the students are introduced to the concept of decimals.